How To Use A SIM Card On A Laptop? For (Internet, Windows 7,10)

Are you a laptop lover and want to use a Sim Card on a Laptop? Here we explain the procedure so you can easily use your Sim card on your laptop Whether its OS is Windows 10 or Windows 7.


The most recent figuring gadgets in the market accompany an inbuilt SIM card opening. It empowers the client to embed your SIM card into the gadget to interface with the quick web and chat to your associations over VOIP. This article guides you on embedding and eliminating a SIM card on your PC based on a 3G innovation.


What is a SIM Card and How To Use A SIM Card On A Laptop?

The vast majority of us have seen and utilized a SIM card in our cell phones. Its capacity continues as before when you use it on a PC. A SIM card is a type of savvy card that a cell network administrator utilizations to perceive their administration supporters present on the cell organization. You will get the SIM card from a portable organization administrator once you initiate the Cellular Broadband help.


How is a SIM card opening helpful in a PC?

A couple of PC models in the market accompanies cell information capacities. This card empowers simple admittance to the quick-speed cell network, similar to allowing a telephone to get to an organization. Anticipated that Things For Laptop Should Be Connected.

These are Mini-SIM, Nano-SIM, and Micro-SIM. Little SIM card: This is the commonest SIM card available keeping watch. The size of this SIM Card is 15x25mm. Smaller than usual SIM card: The latest phone frames right now go with a more humble SIM card space to fit Micro SIM cards flawlessly.

This SIM card has a 52% more unassuming size than a regular SIM card. Its size is 12x15mm. Nano SIM card: This SIM card was first shipped off in the market by Apple Corp. Its size is 60% more humble than a conventional SIM card. The overall thickness of this SIM card is diminished by 15%. Due to its extra thin and little size, the Nano SIM card can’t be altered from a Micro SIM card or Normal SIM card.

Versatile transporters will help you give you the ideal size of SIM cards. The size of this Nano SIM card is 12x9mm.

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PC models with inbuilt SIM Card opening

Gone are the days when individuals used to tie their PCs to their cell phones to ease up 4G LTE information availability. Instead, innovation has seen a ton of progress north of a couple of years.

One of its huge commitments is utilizing a SIM card on the PC. Looking at the business and individual necessities, numerous PC brands have presented explicitly planned workstations with SIM card opening elements.

With this include, you can interface your PC to a phone association without requiring a versatile to play out this errand. The greater part of the PC producers presently offers the “LTE 4g/3G” to clients who need it. We have referenced a couple of workstations models that have a SIM card opening incorporated into them:


  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet
  • HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3 Notebook PC
  • Lenovo Yoga C630
  • Samsung Galaxy Book 2
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 5
  • Google Chromebook Pixel (4G LTE)
  • Lenovo Miix 310
  • Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 4G
  • Microsoft Surface 3 LTE Edition
  • Dell Latitude E5470
  • Panasonic Tough Book 54


Tips to appropriately embed and deal with a\ SIM Card

  • There are a couple of tips that you want to take care of while embedding and eliminating a SIM Card.
  • Try not to curve your SIM card, particularly its metal chip;
  • Guarantee that the metal chip is perfect and not in the presence of synthetic compounds and residue
  • Try not to take out and embed SIM card as often as possible
  • Try not to put SIM card into the opening in the temperature that surpasses 85 or falls underneath 35;
  • Switch off the telephone before supplanting its battery.
  • Try not to introduce the SIM card into the opening, of course, as it can harm your SIM card space.


Never eliminate or introduce the SIM card when the PC is in a turned-on state. It might make extremely durable harm to your SIM card and the peruser.

Steps to embed the SIM card from your PC

  • Switch off the PC
  • Separate all wires from it, including the AC connector
  • Close down the showcase
  • Take out the battery.
  • Embed your SIM card into the card opening till it fits appropriately.
  • Embed the battery into the PC.
  • Switch on the PC and reconnect every one of the links you have disengaged.

Steps to eliminate the SIM card from your PC

Rehash the above advances. Instead of embedding the SIM Card, you want to eliminate the SIM card from the opening. Reinsert the battery, reconnect all wires and switch on the power.

Remember this thing if you don’t have the foggiest idea about the SIM space accessible, then you may not get the setting of this article. The most recent PC models are accessible with a 4G versatile transmission capacity. This implies that you are liberated from being restricted to pursuing a modem, switch, or Wi-Fi.

You are allowed to peruse your cherished webpage or surf the web simply by having a sim on your PC and tapping on a 4G association you’re associated with.

The accompanying things you want to check to ensure your PC is completely outfitted with this element before changing to utilizing SIM cards on a PC


Check For The Availability Of Sim Port In Laptop

To check to assume your PC has a spot for a SIM card, you can keep an eye on the two sides of the PC. You will see a SIM card logo joined to it.

You can eliminate the PC battery and take a look at the space. Most new workstations have a sim embedding space between the case PC and battery.


Surf Information Online

You can ride all the data online by google search or Check the notepad manual for data on the most proficient method to utilize SIM cards.


Checking Off The Device Manager

Checking of the gadget director of the Laptop can be done by following the quick strides beneath:

  • Explore to “My PC or File director” and right-click.
  • Continue by clicking “Properties” and afterward “gadget director.”

Now, it would be brilliant assuming your PC has a pre-introduced sim card driver. This help will concede your PC the availability to begin utilizing broadband administrations.

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Check If Your Sim Card And Port Is Intact

A few brands sell their PCs with no inherent establishment. For example, they don’t accompany a pre-introduced SIM module that you want to buy, or you can likewise contact the producer.

You may likewise go to the BIOS arrangement. So you can enter the secret key, and there seems to be the discourse box showing framework data, and you need to tap on it.

If you have something almost identical, that is the thing that has been examined over, now is the right time to get a broadband module to do this. You can look for neighborhood stores or go online on Amazon, aliexpress, or jumia and track down it. Keep in mind – an assortment of brands with an assortment of modules. These modules are very costly.


Instructions to Set Up

After you have passed this multitude of checks, you want to download your marked PC broadband chief. For every one of the workstations, search essentially on google, and you are going to download your broadband chief.

Ensure that you have entered the PC data accurately before downloading it. This incorporates broadband and driver settings.

For certain brands like Toshiba, hp, and the rest, download the Google broadband gadget driver, for example, Toshiba Tecra m10 broadband gadget driver and introduce the Ericson 3G driver, the driver will show up in the gadget chief, presently open the gadget administrator broadband and associate.


Believe it or not, the SIM isn’t by and large intended for a Laptop. As it may, numerous advanced Laptop models accompany SIM card ports. In any case, 90% of the Laptops miss the mark on extra WWAN cards, which is a need for acquiring cell remote access.

You can’t interface your PC to the web through a SIM Card if your Laptop doesn’t have one of the portable broadband WWAN connectors.

To gain admittance to a portable SIM on a PC, you want to introduce a WWAN card, an exceptionally confounded cycle to get everything rolling. Not many PC models support a versatile SIM in this port.

These are multiple ways of running a SIM card on a PC. In addition, the SIM card can be utilized with a USB web modem, generally called a dongle, to associate with the web.

With the assistance of which you can likewise call somebody, get instant messages, and use them to associate with the web. Numerous different dongles likewise support SD cards for mixed media purposes.



On the off chance that you have any issue or get stuck someplace, click help on a broadband application. It has answers for a portion of the issues you might confront.

It is simpler to utilize contrasted with a modem that should be shipped, associated, and disengaged. You can compose text; it is exceptionally simple to do. You don’t have to reconfigure, and the overall settings are saved; however, you can’t settle on decisions.

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