How to Fix Laptop Power Jack without Soldering – Easy Solution

Power Jack is a most important part of your laptop hardware and many of people searching about how to fix laptop power jack without soldering.

There are many ways to do this so your power jack will not severely damaged. In this article, you can easily check all these steps to fix your laptop power jack without soldering.


1. Check to assume your Laptop battery is working

  • Remove the battery from your Laptop.
  • Plug your charger in without the battery.
  • Since your PC is running on AC power, verify whether it works.

Now and again, the power jack isn’t the real issue. Your Laptop may have a broken battery. You can check if the battery is the issue by eliminating it and connecting your power connector.

Without a battery, your gadget can not run without a steady stock of force.

Try not to plug your power connector from your power source, figuring it will in any case work since you will be cutting your PC’s power supply, hence making it switch off.


2. Look at your battery duration through CMD

  • Right-click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Type powerful energy in the Command Prompt.
  • A document way will show up on the screen. Open windows pioneer and go to it.
  • Look down until you track down the Battery: Battery Information area.
  • look at the Design Capacity and Last Full Charge.
  • Partition the Design Capacity esteem with the Last Full Charge esteem, then, at that point, increase by 100 percent.

Presently you should know how to look at your battery’s condition. The higher the rate, the better the battery.


3. look at the power connector

  • Plug your AC connector in your electrical plug.
  • Set the Multimeter to 20V and into DC mode.
  • Utilize the Multimeter leads and contact the metal pieces of the AC connector.
  • The perusing you get from your Multimeter should be near the one composed on your Ac connector.

You want to check if your AC connector isn’t misbehaving before you attempt to fix your power jack.


4. Open up your PC’s case

  • Take a screwdriver and unscrew your PC’s case.
  • Take out your battery, RAM, and capacity.
  • Ensure there are no screws left holding your case set up.
  • Open up your case and investigate the power jack.
  • Remove the power jack from its assigned attachment and return it to, applying pressure.
  • Set up your PC back cautiously, screwing everything back appropriately.


Dismantling and tinkering with your PC’s parts without help from anyone else is unsafe. Assume control over issues provided that you are very much informed about PCs.

If you’re not sufficiently experienced, contact a trained professional. This last advance is the final hotel before you begin looking for the closest PC administration.

You want to check your PC and ensure that your power jack hasn’t moved. Sometimes, the jack will move its situation, hence making connecting with the AC connector troublesome.

Continually search for any actual harm to your power jack. If you observe any genuine harm that could be forestalling a steady association, it could imply that the power jack is splitting the difference.

In such a case, it should be supplanted, so make sure to help from a subject matter expert.

These are the manners by which you can fix your power jack, assuming that it’s defective, without expecting to bind it.

Will I Repair The Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering?

It relies upon how a DC jack is associated with the motherboard. Assuming that it is associated through a wire connector, it very well might be conceivable.

Notwithstanding, assuming it is welded straightforwardly into the motherboard, it is beyond the realm of possibilities. You can’t fix a free or severed power jack without patching for this situation.

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How Does A Power Jack On A Laptop Work?

DC power jack is a fundamental piece of a PC or journal. It gives the power to charge the battery and keep the PC turned on.

Most PCs/journals give two connectors; +VE and GND. These are otherwise called positive and negative connectors. Notwithstanding, Dell adds a detecting pin alongside these two connectors.

Assuming your PC’s DC-in jack has wires associated with a connector, there might be a few opportunities to fix it without fastening.

Assuming your PC’s DC-in jack is straightforwardly welded on the motherboard, you get no opportunity to try not to patch to fix the issue.


4 Causes Of DC Power Jack Damage

  • The most well-known reason is to include an absence of support inside the construction of the packaging and motherboard. That is the reason when you embed the fitting. It can’t deal with the pressure appropriately.
  • After some time, a few PC pieces begin to slacken. It can occur within 1-2 years of typical use or before expanded uses.
  • Assuming the power plug jerks, it can slacken the jack. This happens when the charger gets dropped, or the wire gets drawn. Individuals, vacuum cleaners, or even pets can make such situations.
  • In some PC models, the power jack isn’t welded well.

Presently to fix the Power Jack without fastening


first Method: Replace the Adapter

The principal technique will assist you with the fueling jack by joining two strings. The cycle is marginally extensive, and the main thing you need to do is make two openings in the barrel. Then, take a marker and isolate it with the goal that you can involve it in entering the link.

Presently, take the rope of the AC connector and cut it, so it is neither too lengthy nor excessively short. Next, strip the wires appropriately to ensure that the internal part is completely uncovered.

From that point forward, take the string and supplement it into the tip segment of the marker.

Whenever you are finished with the Laptop’s connector, take a nonexclusive connector, and like the past interaction, you should abbreviate the length of the string.

Be that as it may, you should leave some additional wire as you require it for crisis circumstances. Presently strip the wire and put the line into the barrel.

Presently comes the last interaction, where you need to interface the inward parts and tape them appropriately. It would help if you likewise taped the additional wires and sealed the barrel with the goal that there is no last detail.


Second Method: Replace the DC power jack

Another way you can fix the power jack of your PC without attaching is by overriding the DC power jack.

Unlike the main technique, it is quite simple, and your first errand is to disengage the wire connector situated in the power jack. Subsequent to disengaging the wire connector, take a little screwdriver and unscrew every one of the focuses with the goal that you can take the connector out.

By and by circumspectly take the jack from the motherboard and don’t put an abundance of strain while killing it as it can hurt the circuit track. Then, override it with another jack, and your PC will be all set.


Third Method: Fix hurt connector wire or pin

There are conditions where the power jack’s pin or connector wire gets hurt, provoking an error in the power transmission.

So your first occupation is to track down the harmed pin in the jack or broken link in the connector. Next, you can utilize a multimeter to look at the working of the link or pin.

In the wake of observing the harmed link or pin, you want to utilize a hotness contract cylinder to join the wires. Finally, again utilize the Multimeter to check whether there is a consistent voltage.


Steps On How To Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering

The initial step is to inspect the harm to your PC’s power jack. This should be possible by eliminating all apparent screws from the rear of your PC and afterward prying its shell open with a plastic opening apparatus.

After you sort out some way to unscrew and eliminate the cover, you will need to see the motherboard and the power jack. Take a gander at it totally for any breaks or breaks in its metal connectors. If you notice that the wires of your power jack are cut, this cycle is impossible without welding them back together.

On the off chance that there are no apparent harms on your PC’s power jack, cautiously eliminate it from its put on the motherboard. Much of the time, you would need to strip away a dainty layer of plastic that covers the piece of the power jack that connects to your PC’s motherboard.

Assuming that there is no such cover, mindfully wipe out the metal connectors from their connections with a screwdriver without hurting them to a limit. After this cycle, you will need to see how the power jack capacities.

Initial, an outside metal circle associates with the motherboard, and a while later, there are two thin metal prongs inside it.. These interface with wires which convey power from your PC’s battery pack to the PC’s processor so it can go about its responsibilities.

Presently investigate where the harm has happened. You want to ensure that it is conceivable to utilize your PC even without its power jack being set up.

This expects you to interface the wires from the motherboard to the external metal circle, which fills in as a connector for the power jack. To do this, strip the two closures of each wire utilizing a wire shaper or simply your teeth. Ensure that you don’t harm the wire’s slender plastic protection while doing this.

Then, at that point, associate each wire to its relating metal prong on the external circle by collapsing it and folding it over the piece of the connector that sticks out from the circle.

When all wires are associated, overlap them once again into the right spot on your PC’s motherboard. Then, place the power jack back in its placed on the motherboard, and screw it with thin metal screws.

Then, at that point, stick the cover back onto your PC’s shell, so it doesn’t uncover any of its inward parts. After this, you can rapidly plug your PC into a power source without stressing over its battery duration or regardless of whether it is charging.

This is because the power jack will currently be filling in as a connector for your PC to get power through its battery straightforwardly from outside sources.

Assuming that you need to turn your PC or Laptop on once more, there could, in any case, be a few issues with it. First, the issue can emerge when you charge the gadget utilizing a charging link.

The PC could, regardless, show the “associated, not charging” message despite the fact that its power jack is working. This happens for two reasons.

The primary explanation is that the wires inside the power jack are as yet not associated with different pieces of your PC’s motherboard, so it can’t yet charge your battery.

The subsequent issue may be that you didn’t disengage every one of the metal prongs from the motherboard while you were inspecting your PC’s power jack. To this end, it won’t as yet work.

To fix this, eliminate the metal prongs and clean them with a dry fabric to eliminate any residue or flotsam and jetsam stuck on their finishes. Then, at that point, reinsert them into the appropriate attachments with a screwdriver, so they are agreed with the attachment’s openings.

After this, you can attempt to charge your PC again by utilizing a charging link. Then, at that point, you will know whether there is any further harm done to the power jack or, on the other hand, assuming it turns out great on its own at this point.

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