How to find out your laptop screen size without measuring

The display screen is the maximum essential component of a laptop or laptop, and the show length determines the nice of the show to both make it a lovely or unsightly display. Measuring the display length allows you to select the high-quality display screen, which you could stare at on any respect day.

You’ve asked what size the display screen is because you want to medicine or replace your PC’s display screen or buy a case for your machine. You’re unlikely to have the measures remembered, let alone a ruler or measuring device.

There are exclusive styles of measurements for laptop displays. So relying on the need for the scale, the physical size, the pixels, square in keeping with the inch, verify what dimensions you mainly require. To measure the actual display physically, note that you will need to keep away from the plastic aspect (the bezel) across the collection and, most effective, measure the screen location. However, this isn’t always the case if you want the specifications for things like a computer case or bag, or for display screen protectors that may be worn over your computer screen.

 Also, unless otherwise stated, the dimensions of your laptop’s screen should be measured diagonally, from one nook to the other. Every computer has specific display screen dimensions such as 15-inch or 17-inch, but when measuring the device, dimensions such as body length, pixels, and per square inch can be used to ensure the size you desire. As a result, you should just degree the display screen region and avoid the plastic bezel around it. Therefore, you should only degree the display vicinity and avoid the plastic bezel around the display screen region. Some of the methods to locate display screen size are mentioned below.

Follow this technique to determine the screen length of your pc without size.

  • Windows settings > Systen
  • System > Advanced show settings
  • Advanced display > Screen length data

Most of the time, predominant computer specifications like screen length are the lowest, which you can test using rotating the computer.

Using your laptop’s version specifications

Testing your PC’s version specs is an easy way to find your computer’s display size without having to measure it. These specifications may be found on the casing you purchased it in, or you may test the quilt on the bottom of your computer to see if they’re there. Without a sure, the specifications should state the display screen size or, at the very least, the model variety. If you have access to the specifications from the computer’s package or cover, a quick search for the model records in your laptop’s settings should suffice. The screen size may be found underneath the computer residences, generally within the show settings folder. If not, try the advanced display settings tab. Be cautious not to adjust these if you don’t recognize what they constitute.

The hunt would possibly monitor the model specifications and not the screen length in a few cases. Use this wide version variety to go looking online for the dimensions of your display. If the figures are widely known, they may not be totally accurate. There is frequently a webpage dedicated to your make, and you can enquire about the size from their customer service. Another choice might be to look online for similar gadgets to yours and attempt to approximate the scale of your display. Look for the manufacturer and model that is the most similar to yours. This might not be accurate but can also serve as the reason you need the size, like purchasing a computer bag.

You’ll need more precise measurements if you need the dimensions for things like buying screen guards or connecting to multiple screening devices. A better search would be for a command-line code to generate the specifications for the tech-savvy. However, this needs no longer be too complex as you copy the code relying upon your computer version, paste it into your command set off (you may seek your computer for this utility), and run the code. This code will offer accurate measurements depending on whether or not or not your drivers are updated. You will need to recognize how to study these effects.

Use an app or website.

Technology has been revolutionised by the virtual world. Online rulers are programmes that allow you to measure objects on your computer or mobile device’s screen. You will need to download and install the software programme; nevertheless, compared to looking for lines of code and specs, it will save you hundreds of times. However, if you need to measure the bezel position, this won’t work. Some apps ask you to enter your current display resolution and a few other screen characteristics, and then they take care of the rest. Most online rulers, on the other hand, allow you to practically drag the displayed ruler’s threshold from one corner to the other to obtain the lengths of your display.

Virtual rulers are a great alternative because you can convert to specific measurements and calibrate them as needed; you could additionally use them to a degree one-of-a-kind regions of your screen in addition to snapshots and other gadgets. Some brilliant websites will help you measure your pc display screen length. These websites require primary records just like the make and version of the pc, your cutting-edge decision, or other provisions and may generate the measurements in seconds.

Measurement via the standard object

This is the only method to discover the screen length with outsize. You want to get an A4 paper with a trendy length of thirteen inches. In this manner, you are measuring the display screen length of a computer without using a tape degree. Put the paper on the display and decide if the display length is minor or more prominent than the paper. It’ll be one in all eleven.6, 13.3, 14.1, 15.Four, or 17.3 inches.

Other factors taking part within the display Size

Screen Size vs. Resolution

Many people are harassed via the phrases screen length and screen resolution, and to clean that confusion, we can discuss each of them one at a time to help you recognize the basics of screen size for a laptop.

Screen Size

The Screen length is the size in inches. This is the screen’s physical size. Many computers have physical display lengths of thirteen inches, fifteen inches, and seventeen inches. Both Mac and Windows laptops have the same screen size but different resolutions.

Screen decision

It refers to the number of pixels in a display area, such as 1920×1080 pixels or FHD resolution. A 1024×720 resolution, often known as HD resolution, is found on many less costly computers. HD (High-Definition), FHD (Full High-Definition), 1440p or 2k or WQHD, and 4k are some of the other short names for these resolutions.

Screen decision depends on the laptop’s charge but screen resolution. The show turns quicker or slower. So, you have to select a pc with a high-top display screen decision. Screen decision additionally influences the brightness to make info extra seen. Full 4k resolution comes with a top rate fee tag, but the 1080p display is cheaper; however, it can cope with intense pix as nicely.

Refresh Rate

Other essential factors regarding the display dimension are the sRGB graph, HDR, and further, critical matters understanding the updated prices of the screen. Refresh rate is the frequency of show to exchange the image in keeping with second, and it’s the far degree in Hz.


So, how do you establish your screen size? The method is as easy as engaging in an internet search on the producers or other relied-on websites. You also can take a look at the packaging or again of your pc. You may additionally set up the display dimensions by manually measuring the display from the lowest right corner to the top-left nook.

Probably, the aim of determining your monitor length is to select a show this is ideal in your software or as a means of setting up the precise dimensions for a clear-out. When it comes to computer display bodily sizes, the high-quality variety to recall is around 24 inches to 30 inches. Such reveal screen sizes are the maximum suitable for earning a living from home purposes or even a favorite among online game enthusiasts.

Bigger reveal display screen sizes generally prioritize better display decisions and color readability. You must expect extra apps, formats, and support for more excellent simultaneous operations with larger monitors.


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